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Piazza Pretoria
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"Anyone who has seen once the sky of Palermo will never ever forget it" 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Eat and Walk

A local Tour Guide for your experience in Palermo

Walk around the historic center of Palermo is like visiting an open-air museum, where you’ll experience a range of different architectural styles. You will discover unique and evocative places along the monuments of the Arab-Norman itinerary which became a UNESCO heritage site in 2015.

You will see shapes and colors, you will feel the flavors and aromas of the street food of Palermo which are by now, all over the world, symbols of overwhelming pleasure. These delicacies have their roots in the tradition and history of Palermo, becoming beloved symbols of everyday life.

During a walk in the historic center of Palermo you can see the Massimo Theater, the largest italian opera house, the Cathedral, the magnificient church of the XII century, memory of capital of Sicily kingdom during the norman domination, the Quattro Canti, the historic markets, Capo, Ballaro and Vucciria that are a true mix of culture, customs, and food traditions,

The walk will also provide an opportunity to taste some specialties of Palermo. Some of the particular tastes of street food you might enjoy include sfincione (dough topped with onion, bread crumbs, tomato, and oregano), panelle (fried chickpea flour), crocché (potato croquettes), arancine (rice croquettes stuffed with meat or butter), and cannolo (crunchy shell with sweet-cheese). If you want you can ask to taste the bread with “meusa” (bread with spleen).